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報道機関へお知らせ - 第243回海兵隊創立記念日

October 24, 2018




取材や見学をご希望の報道機関は、10月26日(金)終業時間までに、岩国基地報道部(電子メール:iwakuni.pao@usmc.mil )へ、氏名、報道機関名、携帯電話番号、現住所と西暦の生年月日を添えてご連絡ください。基地内への立ち入り登録には、電話(0827-79-5551)での確認作業が必要です。

MEDIA ADVISORY - Uniform Pageant

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan (October 24, 2018) –

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni is honored to invite media representatives to cover a military ceremony scheduled aboard the installation.

In celebration of the 243rd Marine Corps birthday, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni will host a birthday pageant at 3 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Parade Deck in front of Building One. The uniform pageant showcases Marine Corps history and uniforms from the Revolutionary War to the uniforms Marines wear today. Each year, Marines throughout the world hold similar ceremonies to commemorate the Marine Corps’ creation on Nov. 10, 1775.

Interested media reporters may sign up by sending an email to MCAS Iwakuni Communication Strategy and Operations (iwakuni.pao@usmc.mil) before close of business Oct. 26, with full name, agency, cell phone number, current address and date of birth. A follow-up phone call at 0827-79-5551 is required for confirmation of your base entry registration.

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